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Training Program

Mobile Application Training

With the advancement of technology, the access to internet has been increased rapidly. The concept of E-India has raised the demand of new technologies, softwares, and apps. Consequently, the utility of apps is increasing day by day. In orderto provide easy access to the customers most companies prefer to get their own mobile app developed which is attractive, user friendly and rich in features.

We at Neo Digitech design powerful, feature rich mobile apps which are not only user friendly but are very unique. Ourteam has got expertise to design mobile apps on various platforms and framework for IPhone, I-pad and Android etc. Now-a-days life has become so fast that people don't get time to visit the companies or office for any assistance, enquiry or for the purchase of articles not only this even accessing internet through laptop or desktop is also time taking and not that much convenient as accessing it through mobile is. So companies prefer to offer not only their website but also aneasily interactive yet attractive mobile app to their customers. Even Banks are now offering their feature rich customized mobile apps so that their customers can easily connect with them and get full assistance.

Neo Digitech understands the need of the time and offers great mob app development service. Mobile apps that can be accessed anywhere anytime. No matter how complicated your demand is our experts are ready to face the challenge of designing mobile app as per your idea and concept. Our team is here to turn your idea into reality. Get your business mobilized with Neo Digitech. We are competent enough to design Mobile apps for any field whether it is related to entertainment, lifestyle, business, tourism or any other field. We assure you that mobile apps designed by our team definitely generate high level of brand awareness of your services & products.

Web Designing

Web Designing is the process of designing the site, planning the contents, creating and updating the site with new content .It encompasses imaginative thinking, proper restructuring of ideas and constant implications of them.

Web designing is a vital part of IT industry. It helps in brand building of MNCs and top organizations. Hence its important rises many fold in IT industry. Advertising and marketing on the internet is a multi-billion dollar industry and offers a lot of job and growth opportunities to skilled professionals. 

In this globalised world, the start ups of the companies are taking place at regular instance, hence the all the new companies require attractive sites to present themselves globally. Therefore the demand of web developers and designers are bound to rise. 

As the internet business has seen a rapid growth, there is immense growth in large MNCs and also web designers can undertake online and offline work in the form of freelancing.

PHP & MySql Training

PHP (PHP: Hypertext Processor) is an HTML-embedded scripting language used for web development. It is used for creating forums, picture galleries, and surveys and is also used for creating password login page and username. It is mostly used for enhancing light weight web pages.

Going by the statistics of 2013, PHP was installed on more than 240 million sites and 2.1million web servers globally. The statistics clearly reflects the importance of the language and their applications around the world. So the job opportunities in PHP are breathtaking, as the companies need to develop dynamic web sites for promoting themselves on larger scale. 

If a student is planning to build a career in web technology, then learning PHP will be highly beneficial in terms of job opportunities and salary package offered. In India, the number of PHP developers are growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. India has jumped to 2nd position in PHP developers almost surpassing United States which is at first position. After getting trained in PHP, students can get the jobs directly as there is huge demand of the PHP professionals.

PHP, The beauty of PHP remains in its easiness. It is easy to understand and study, especially for those with education is in programming such as C, C++, Java and HTML. Using PHP, web based application work with the interface of APACHE/MYSQL including HTML, HTML5, JAVASCRIPTING ,CSS, CSS3 and JQuery. With combination of server side and client side scripting you can create highly formatted PHP Pages which is can be used by end user (Technical/ Non –Technical User). If non technical user can develop project in PHP, so it's not difficult to B.Tech & MCA students to develop live project in PHP.PHP support the server interface, database interface, and other module interface.

.NET Training

.NET is a software framework developed by Microsoft which provides a controlled programming environment where development, installation and execution of the software can be done on windows based operating system. The .NET Training offers knowledge about .NET framework that supports the building and running of next gen applications and XML web services. 

The applications of .NET are immense in various sectors. Students well versed in .NET technology can go in the field of window applications, web applications and mobile applications development, since these applications are used to develop desktop apps, web apps etc. Hence the scope for career growth is immense in India and abroad. Students can rise in their career if they have good experience in the software field. There are a lot of professionals who are educated but a few professionals who are highly skilled, hence getting skilled in .NET can help students to get jobs in software companies easily.

To be efficient software professional, one should start learning the C# language and ASP.NET technology so that they can get a glimpse of the window application, mobile applications and web applications. In addition if they learn SQL for database management it gives a good knowledge base in managing the technology. After that the basics and depth of .NET is learned in comprehensive way.

Summer Project Training

Summer Training provides the students with the advantage of gaining real-world experience. When the students will be facing their first job interviews summer training is the most important experience that is taken into account. During the tenure of summer training students are exposed with the actual organizational culture of an environment and also with industrial projects. They can get to learn about the practical aspects of implementation like coding, decoding, programming, debugging, configuration, installation, administration, designing skills under the guidance and mentorship of industrial experts and trainers.

We  provides 6 months Live project Training with live projects on ANDROID/ .NET/ADVANCE .NET/ PHP/ ADVANCE PHP/Mobile app development/ for B.TECH (CS.IT) and MCA students.