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Web Development

Neodigitech believes in materializing the ideas and thoughts of our customers into a good and attractive website which can be an invaluable investment for a budding business and can even give a fresh breath of life to a dusty fading business.

" Good Design is a lot like Clear Thinking made Visual…"

Edward Tufte

3 seconds are needed to capture user’s interest to your website. At Neodigitech, we can make it happen in a jiffy..!

We follow 4 basic rules:

  1. Solid Visual Appeal : With the help of modern tools, we create a website that reflects the business concept clearly and intelligently making it to stand out of the crowd.
  2. Engaging in nature: A website that propels user to keep on browsing into the core.
  3. User friendly: Navigation through the website is made easy and fast as we know that your time is precious.
  4. Economical: We offer the best deal so that it doesn’t gets heavy on your pocket.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management, is a software developed to apply latest methodologies on the marketing trends in order to manage the customer relationships with the company in an organized way.
Example: A database warehouse is build to store the data about its customers and the described relationships in detail so that the company could access information and derive conclusions regarding Customer needs, Product Plans and Offers, Customer’s Service Requirements, Finding relation between a customer and the product.
Our CRM consists of:

  • Enabling the company to realize its impact and target its best consumers.
  • Analyzing marketing trends to bring on new attractive Product Offers.
  • Co-operating the company to improve Sales by optimizing the usage of each bit of information from each employee.
  • Developing individualized connection with consumers to improve consumer satisfaction and maximize the profit by identifying the most profitable consumers.
  • Making the Employees aware about the consumer base, its needs and relationship with the distribution partners.

Web Application Development

At Neodigitech, we build web applications that not only personifies the imagination of the customer but also performs accurately and has a scope for evolution as well.
We follow the basic Web Application Model which has 3 tiers:

    1. User Interface: To provide easy and flexible user-interaction with the application using HTML5,CSS3, Javascript,AJAX,SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics),Web Fonts and applying the concept of Responsive Design so a web page auto- fits into any size screen.
    2. Business Process: There are different types of Web Applications depending on their purpose – (Informative, Transactional, Work-flow based, Collaborative and Interactive). We use latest technologies like JSP,ASP,MDE (Model Driven Engineering), to build a business process that ensures the accurate functioning of the Web Application.
    3. Database: To keep the whole data of the project in an organized way and ensure complete security from any kind of threats using RDBMSs – Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL.

Neodigitech offers to customize the web application according to our customer’s evolving requirements. Our focus remains on optimizing the ability to deploy the application depending on its backbone technology and business process complexity.